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Wall to Wall is proud to announce the release of their second album, RESPITE!  The album is due for official release on sept. 23rd – the second anniversary of  Egil’s “re-birthday”, as they call it, which marks the day that he received a new immune system through a dangerous bone marrow transplant – and thus, a second chance at life.

In the sanitized pandemonium of labyrinthine hospital hallways and through all the thoughts that come from experiencing death up close and personal, Egil and Palle have once again released a very intimate album that rightfully has been given the name RESPITE – meaning “a well deserved break from difficult times.”

These are indeed difficult times in the world right now, something we all can relate to and which the music also addresses thematically. But Respite has a decidedly personal meaning for the duo as well. Palle and Egil have been best friends and musical collaborators for 25 years, and the music itself was quite literally produced from hospital beds while Egil was given a 50% chance of survival. In this context, RESPITE has been an invaluable part of his healing process in the ups and downs that go along with such a life-threatening experience.

From this, has come yet another beautiful and life-affirming album, nurtured and refined by the deepest of friendships.  An album filled with love of life and the reminder that time is the most valuable thing we have – so make the best of it while you can.

Furthermore, we are extremely honoured to present PETER SOMMER as co-writer and singer on the poetic and melodic song TIDENS LÅSE (THE LOCKS WE BEAR)! The process surrounding producing this song was unique in its organic tossing to and fro (a necessity considering Egil’s situation) and we are extremely proud of the result.

For you vinyl collectors out there, we are offering you the opportunity to hear the album before anyone else, as the vinyl version goes on sale early.  THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION OF 100 HAND NUMBERED COPIES, PRINTED ON RED VINYL, SO DON’T HESITATE TO ORDER and for a limited time, you also get the first album, “Waiting” as part of the deal.  Kr. 250 for two albums?  Quite a favorable transaction, if we do say so ourselves.  


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